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Industry: Hospitality

Venue: Zeus Street Greek

Location: Sydney

Client Testimonial

Located in the bustling Macquarie Shopping Center, Zeus is a dynamic space designed to cater to the constant flow of visitors. Their interiors are thoughtfully curated to blend comfort seamlessly with timeless design elements, creating an inviting and stylish atmosphere. We are delighted to showcase the furniture selections that make Zeus a standout destination. Each piece has been meticulously chosen to enhance the overall aesthetic, ensuring that every visitor experiences the perfect blend of elegance and practicality. From the classic Hoffman Bentwood Dining Chair to the custom booth seating, every item reflects Zeus's commitment to quality and style.

Client Testimonial

We are thrilled with the furniture provided by Apex. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic appeal of our space, but it also ensures durability and comfort, making it the perfect choice for our busy environment. The Apex team not only helped us identify the right furniture for our needs but also created high-quality custom table tops that perfectly complement our space.

Furniture Selection

Hoffman Bentwood Dining Chair: This elegant chair boasts a timeless design, featuring hand-woven cane detailing and a neutral colour palette. Its lightweight structure makes it easy to move and perfect for any dining setting.

Oak Table Top Solid Timber: Our custom tables are handmade in Sydney, crafted from sustainable American Oak hardwood. Each piece is unique, showcasing the natural beauty and strength of solid timber.

Olea Round White Table Base: The Olea table base features a sleek satin white powder-coated finish, making it a versatile choice for various table tops. Its adjustable feet ensure stability and durability, even on uneven surfaces.

Modern Industrial Low Stool: With a solid timber base and a minimalist design, this low stool blends contemporary style with industrial charm. It's a perfect addition to any modern interior.

Custom Booth Seating: Designed for comfort and style, our custom booth seating is tailored with fabric to match your restaurant's aesthetic. Each piece is crafted to provide a cozy and inviting dining experience for your guests.